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be handling the cleanup operation but it's been overseen by the u.s. government. did the obama administration say this guy has to go, do we know if they had a hand in hayward's departure. i spoke to someone today who said it was board's decision to replace hayward. we do know that the white house clearly disapproved of hayward, not only his gaffes but also his management of the crisis when at the beginning he tried to make it alone and jump in and had taken over much of the response. >> gregg: and it's fair to say, is it not, if bp wants to continue to operate in american waters, they have to please this administration. if the administration is displeased with the person who is at the top of bp, that plays a role? >> for sure. bp is wanting the moratorium on new drilling in the gulf to be lifted. it wants to continue to be able to work in the gulf and it is currently the biggest producer in the gulf of mexico. so it's a big source of income for bp and they would not like to see it ends. most important thing is to contain the spill and then to clean it up. >> gregg: well, tony hayward is getti
in kabul which has many u.s. officials baffled because they drove apparently right into the heart of taliban territory. these were not rookies. they were not cowboys. they were experienced sailors, experienced service members in afghanistan. and nobody figures out how they make that mistake. the taliban claims they killed one and held another hostage. u.s. can't confirm that. but intense search is under way and talking about pakistan, u.s. military officials are deeply concerned that the taliban may try to spirit the two sailors out of afghanistan into pakistan well out of the u.s. military's reach. >> all right. jim miklaszewski, a busy day at the pentagon today for you. we'll be checking with you again. thanks very much. >>> bp executives are publicly saying no decision made on the future of tony hayward but the much-criticized ceo is said to be out. what are we hearing from bp on this? i mean, in many cases, i don't think anybody's shocked that hayward is going to be out of a job by the end of the year because of the public relations fiasco. how quickly will this happen? >> rep
and this will go down to the wire. most powerful democrat in the u.s. senate has a lot to worry about in the next hundred days. >> gregg: all right. carl cameron, carl, stay with us it's a little tricky. >> blackjack, actually. >> gregg: we're streaming nevada events. check it out at 10:00 brian wilson will host a one hour special from america's election headquarters, bringing you al franken bringing closing remarks at the event. >> a political show down in the nation's capitol. president obama and gop taking shots at one another, criticizing jock creation proposals. molly henneberg is live from d.c. with the details. molly, i understand the president says the u.s. is finally headed in the right direction with the economy so we ask, what specifically did he mean? >> well he named or he listed a couple of things that his administration has done, to quote, get us out of this recession including new regulations on the financial industry, more money for the clean energy sector and tax cuts for working families. he criticized john boehner saying gop wants to repeal the health care law and keep tax cut
more u.s. soldiers were killed in afghanistan in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 66 for july-- the most in a single month since the war began. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the "newshour" tonight, ray suarez talks to two veterans of the iraq and afghanistan conflicts about the continued challenge from deadly roadside bombs or i.e.d.s-- the number one killer of americans. >> lehrer: we explore the latest mix of economic numbers and the prospects for the auto industry with business reporter micki maynard and economist martin bailey. >> woodruff: david brooks and ruth marcus, sitting in for mark shields, present their analysis of the week's news. ♪ >> lehrer: and sting with strings. jeffrey brown talks to rock star sting about his newest musical challenge-- performing with a 45 piece orchestra. >> the royal if i ma mar:-- philharmonic is a serious orchestra. so in a way it does flatter my ego but also i have to step up to the plate and... and you know, so it's a big challenge for me. >> lehrer: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newsho
in washington. tonight, iranian president, ahmadinejad is accusing the u.s. and israel of preparing a military strike against at least two countries in the middle east in coming weeks. talking to state-run television today, ahmadinejad said that the logic world leaders are using to try to get iran to negotiate about the nuclear program through sanctions is "just a failure." hour, in that same interview, the iranian president said his country is now ready to sit down for new talks without preconditions in september. a mixed message, to say the least. in an exclusive interview with me today, israeli defense minister responded directly. i asked him, first, for the response to this ahmadinejad statement references the u.s. and israel: "they have decided to lunch attacks when the next three months on two countries in our region on at least two countries." including the second one, well, i don't know, i cannot explain and do not understand what he said. he is telling the world we cannot coerce anyone into anything. (inaudible) i prefer not to judge him upon what he said but upon what he is doing. b
of 91,000 reports on the events that intern lit u.s. military considered significant. >> robert gibbs at the white house and others at the pentagon, robert gates, have said this has the potential to harm u.s. service people. does that concern you? >> well, anything in theory has boat tension to harm anything else but we have looked that the material for some months now together with our media partners. we have taken some steps to understand that material is at least seven months ago, so, it is -- it is not of any sort of a tactical significance. our primary concern with people being potentially harmed was to do with afghan informants who could have been under the risk of retribution action. that is why we held back some 15,000 reports for a more detailed review. >> there is a lot of questions your view toward the war. you were quoted saying you enjoyed crushing bastards. is that an accurate reflection of your attitude toward the establishment, toward the people running the war, toward the u.s. government? >> well, wikileaks is a publication by the sunshine press. we are an organizatio
to obtain u.s. passports. the second time they have done so in two years. the government accountability office says that during the investigation the agents applied for seven passports and received three. more potential fallout from the wikileak data dump and gingrich wikileak data dump and gingrich has a warning of threats posed with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation. bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. leaf in face, marie, man with computer. [ man ] marie! if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, they'll send me a checfor the difference automatically. so i knoi'll get their lowest price. and i like knowing what to expect. bike, unrealistic splash, embarrassingly transparent. [ bell chimes ] [ male annouer ] when you orbitz, you know. tommy's a really good kid. my tommy would never even think about trying alcohol. isn't that right, sweetie? >> in international news, both of the u.s. navy sailors who disappeared last week in afghanistan have been confirmed dead. american and afghanistan officials say the two
they handed out huge bonuses and with citigroup being the biggest offenders since they haven't paid the u.s. taxpayer back, but the pay master may be leaving out one big important piece of information, that according to fox business network's stuart varney. everybody gets very riled up about this. there's a lot to understand here, though, and i know you want to lay out some of that for us. >> number one, the pay czar, he cannot claw back the money. he can ask for it back. does not have the legal authority to take it back. point number two, 11 of the 17 banks which paid these bonuses actually repaid all of the bailout money in full with interest and with profit to the taxpayer. he did not call them obscene or huge bonuses, he called them ill advised and unmerited, and some of these bonuses may have had to have been paid because of the contractual obligations to the executives involved. number ', you're right, citi may well have been the biggest offender because of one big particular earning trader. number four, are we absolutely sure that this is not a political attack on the banking industr
involved in the joint priorities, a euphemism for the u.s. the assassination liz in afghanistan. there are many events associated with that, some that resulted in the deaths of -- one that resulted in the deaths of seven children and others that results in a number of innocent. we can also see how people get on the list. they seem to be recommended by regional governors in afghanistan or by intelligence authorities, often with little evidence and no judicial review. >> you said you intend to cooperate. >> that is one of the interesting journalistic stories, that we manage to pull together these groups to share investigative resources. we shared resources stemming out of this material to deal with this. as equal partners, with the exception that we control the embargo data and could move that back in fourth. i spoke to nick davis, and then we did it between the editors. >> they modine this morning -- mod this morning are saying even they are unable to deliver these documents. how can you say it is accurate, and if some of it is not, doesn't that eat into your legitimacies? >> if
they assume that the u.s. is going to pull out? >> i believe many in the taliban leave that the u.s. will pull out. that is what they tell the afghan villagers. they often comment that the americans have their watches, but we have the time. that means, they do not have a time line. that is their home. they have nowhere else to go. immediately after 9/11 in afghanistan working with our afghan allies, i was often asked, are you going to stick with us this time? referring to our promises made during the soviet occupation when we told the afghans that after we win this together we will be here with you. we will be your to help you redevelop your country. the afghans remember that and they're wondering if we're going to stick with them. and not just the u.s., but the global community of nations. are we with the afghans in developing this pro-democracy? and i do not have the answer. at the time i told them, yes, we are with you. today, based on the political atmosphere, i do not know the answer. >> have we gained any credibility on that score? >> notte when the president announces a time line for wi
lost. mexico also won as did the 11 million illegal immigrants who live in the u.s. who feared this law would spread to states across the country. let me tell you the most controversial aspects of this bill that the judge struck down. number one, the requirement that police obtain the immigration status of anyone they suspect -- reasonably suspect is in this country illegally. number two, the judge struck down a provision that required illegal immigrants to carry papers. she made it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. what remains is this, laws basically preventing the harboring and transportation of the illegal immigrants as well as a prohibition against sanctuary laws, not expected to have a big impact. shepard? >> all right, william live for us. what's the reaction from the governor there, william? >> well, governor jan brewer whose popularity soared with her backing of this bill, she criticized the decision. >> they need to step up, the feds do, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do for the people of america and for the people of arizona. >> as for what's
. that is >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, july 25th, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan at this hour. we'll have a live report straight ahead with the latest breaking details for you. >> and bp getting back to work trying to plug the oil spill after tropical weather fizzled out and tony hayward might have one foot out the door. >> and a dam fails after heavy water, gushing down to the down below. our slogan this hour comes from chas in maryland, fox is the best and we all know why, we have aly, clayton and eric who doesn't need a tie. it's "fox & friends". >> did you message, did you mail chas? >> for the record. >> that's eric bolling, ladies and gentlemen, let's give him a round of applause, dave briggs is off at a wedding and i'm clayton morris and alisyn camerota. we have a lot of news. >> new information regarding the whereabouts of two missing u.s. navy service members in afghanistan and connor powell joins us live from kandahar, what is the latest, connor? >> well, good morning, the u.s. military says they have launched an extensive air and ground search for the t
for u.s. troops in the afghan war. names and faces for the victims. >> i'm drew griffin in for tony harris. those stories and your comments right here right now in the cnn newsroom. >>> let's start with the economy. the government's latest report on the health of the u.s. economy is out, and while there are signs the economy is growing, it's happening very slowly. what does that mean for one of ten americans out of work? carter evans on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the breakdown. it looks like the economy is growing at an an peoplic rate. >> the economy is growing at 2.4%, the gross domestic product, the broadest measure of economic activity in our country what does this report mean for the people looking for a job right now? it means more uncertainty and the problem with that is when things are uncertain, employers aren't hiring. let's focus on growth. our gdp -- this short shows you the growth. we have been growing. that is good news. just the pace, drew, is not as fast as we would like to see. >> and, carter, the growth rate is heading in the wrong direction with
for the worst disaster in u.s. oil history, posting a record $17 billion loss, in only three months' time. wow, that is not easy to do. now it will sell some assets to cover cost and obligations in the gulf which are plenty. stuart varney, stuart, good morning to you, what are they going to sell? >> they're going to sell smaller, older oil fields to the value of $30 billion. that's how much money they're going to need to bring in to stop paying for the cleanup. so bp the company is the obvious financial loser at first glance. look deeper, the u.k. government is also a big loser, it will take in about $10 billion less in tax from bp over the next four years. shareholders, they're also losers here, there are going to be no dividend payments at leastum next year. now, tony hayward, you could obviously say he's a loser in the sense he's lost his job and certainly his reputation but he leaves financially in tact. he will take with him to russia is a job, a -- 1 million pounds, $1.6 million in salary, his pension fund of roughly 17, $18 million will be available to him in full in two years, when he
endorse it. >>> to our top story. the u.s. military says hundreds of american troops are searching for two navy sailors who disappeared in a taliban stronghold in eastern afghanistan on friday. yesterday, the taliban claimed they killed one of the sailors and took the other one as a prisoner, after both were forced from their armored sport utility vehicle. however, nato officials have not confirmed the reports and still characterize the men as missing. there are also conflicting reports about whether the body of one of the two has been recovered. the war in afghanistan also getting attention this morning by the release of the more than 90,000 classified field reports i mentioned. they were made public by an organization that says its goal in disclosing secret documents is to reveal unethical behavior by governments and corporations now, the documents span from january of 2004 -- from 2004 to january of this year, and paint a bleak picture of the situation on the ground there. according to "the new york times" one of the news organizations that was granted early access to the reports, they
abuse in the u.s. military. documents will be posted on wiki leaks within weeks. >> gregg: do we have any idea who gave the documents to wiki leaks? >> they seem to be focusing on a analyst bradley manning but he has not an suspect in the case. he was however arrested in may that o charges that he released aerial cockpit videos of a 2000 fire fight in baghdad. manning was moved from a field jail to a brig in virginia where he may face trial. >> gregg: talk to us about the impact of these leaks? >> defense officials say they put u.s. soldiers at risk as well as afghan families. that the state department warning that these leaks may damage u.s. intelligence inside and outside of afghanistan. here is more. >> you dump out tens of thousands of documents. nmgs service all over the world will be looking over them and see what they can glean of how we gain information. this can have a national security impact. >> reporter: he says he offered the white house the documents before they were posted to make sure no innocent people were identified but they didn't respond. a spokesperson for obama
,000 for the chevy volt and for the nissan. we will get your calls in a moment. this from "the new york times," "u.s. military chief is pressing the iraqis to end the deadlock to the rest in securities gains. nearly five months after the elections in march ended without a decisive leader, the leaders of political blocs are divided over staying in power for a second term. many politicians say that the impasse could extend after more than seven years of war, reducing the number of troops to more than 50,000 by the end of august. " another energy related story this morning, "on the surface the oil spill in the gulf is vanishing fast." it says "the oil slick in the gulf of mexico appears to be dissolving far more rapidly than anyone expected. a piece of good news that raises tricky new questions about how best bet big government should scaled-back its response." also this morning on the front page of "usa today," "closures in three areas, almost all of the beaches closed from the spill have been clustered in three areas of louisiana. this is the 20th annual report conducted by the national research defe
sensitive information on afghan informants critical to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. "the times" spent just two hours going through the wikileaks papers and found the name of dozens of afghans crafted with providing detailed intelligence to u.s. forces. this is the wikileaks co-founder yulian assange. >> if they are at risk, this would be because of a misclassification by the u.s. military itself. >> now, the pentagon has launched a full-blown investigation to try to find the source of those leaks. while investigators focus on private first class bradley manning, pentagon officials tell nbc news thousands of military and civilian personnel have exactly the same security clearance and could become the next wikileaks source. nbc mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. mike, the administration has been pldownplaying these leaks t this suggests the identities of dozens of afghan informants compromised. what are they saying about that? >> the last we heard is robert gibbs at the press briefing and yesterday we did hear from the president himself who emerged from a meeting with cong
our borders is as heated and uncertain as ever. and 100 days of disaster. the worst oil spill in u.s. history marks a milestone. and we are asking the tough questions about how, why, so much oil seems to have vanished. wolf blitzer's off today. i'm suzanne malveaux. you're in the situation room. we begin in the gulf coast with the shocking turn of events that few of us would have imagined just a hundred days ago. we watched millions of barrels of oil gush into the water week after week but now bp and federal officials are not finding a whole lot of oil left on the water. so should residents celebrate or worry that there is still hidden oil out there? our cnn's rob marciano is in fort pickens, florida. what do you see? >> reporter: well, you know, even on the beach we're still seeing some tar in spots but the key about what's happening out there in the gulf waters is that the well has been capped now for almost two weeks so if you think it was gushing at 50,000 barrels a day, that's, you know, over a half million barrels of oil that hasn't spewed into the gulf in the last 12 days. tha
that we would have lost 1 million jobs in the auto industry had the u.s. government not intervened and looking at how the auto industry added jobs instead of shedding 300,000 as it did before the intervention. again, saying, yeah, a rainstorm outside and would be a hurricane if we hadn't did what we had done. not an easy argument to make. >> no. indeed. john harwood, cnbc, thank you so much for the report on the new numbers just out last hour. thanks. >>> all right. at the pentagon, a new report that shocks but in some ways does not surprise. an alarming rate of suicides in the army after a force that's been at war for nine years. the suicide rate is at the highest number in 30 years now. more than 1,700 soldiers aterveted suicide last year. 160 succeeded. nbc's jim miklaszewski following this live from the pentagon. throughout this report, it really portrays a fighting force that is under tremendous stress. >> reporter: and it's not just suicide, savannah. criminal activities, alcohol abuse by soldiers not only in the field but once they return home from the war, and are garrisone
a record gusher of red ink. plus, u.s. troops fighting an invisible enemy in afghanistan. [gunfire] >> shepard: what leaked military documents reveal about iran's dealings with al qaeda. and could your next trip to the ballpark make you sick? what one investigation found at stadium snack bars across the nation. but, first from fox this tuesday night, brand new developments in arizona's controversial immigration soon to be law. we believe. we're waiting for a federal judge to announce whether she will allow it to take effect as planned day after tomorrow. it's the law that requires police to check people's immigration status if they're stopped for some other cause and suspected of being in the country illegally. the passage of that law sparked a national debate over immigration policy. and really no matter what happens tonight or whenever, there are expected to be appeals. but we're told the judge could issue her ruling soon. in fact, in the last few minutes, two well-placed sources have told fox news we should expect a decision tomorrow morning in phoenix. but there is only one per
are other officials saying, other u.s. officials saying about the iran problem as it relates to what's going on in afghanistan right now? >> well, the intelligence that was leaked in that massive leak says that iran has been actively involved in arming, training, and funding the taliban against the u.s. military, against our coalition partners. so this morning, on fox news, senator kit bond, who's the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee was asked about the iran factor. here's what he had to say: >> i'm not going to go into any secret or classified information, but what has come out i think reinforces what many of us have been saying all along, iran is not an ally or a party that we can cozy up to and make nice to and expect that they will work with us. >> reporter: other u.s. officials i tiewkd today says that iran has medicaleled in afghanistan for years, providing weapons at a low level to militants who are fighting against the coalition. so the u.s. is pretty well convinced that iran has played a very bad role in afghanistan as the u.s. has believed that it played in iraq a
the u.s. military of murder. here's the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen. >> i think we always need to be mindful of the unknown potential for damage in any particular document that we handle. mr. assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an afghan family. >> wikileaks' founder refuses to say how his site got the documents. but nothing is secret on the internet. the military may have a hacker, a convicted criminal from california, to thank for cracking this case. his name is adran lamo, just 29 years old. in 2004 he was convicted of breaking into "the new york times," microsoft and lexus nexus computers. he went to the federal government to show the leaking. the website might also face chinl charges. barbara starr has the latest developments in our next hour. >>> so where's all the spilled oil? the coast guard insists it can't find much more to clean up on the surface of the gulf. their crews keep conducting fly
president and the u.s. secretary of state gets ready to say i do at a pricey affair. first tonight, a sign that congressman charlie rangel could face a relatively light penalty if he is eventually found guilty of ethics violations. today one of the lawmakers on the rangle investigation panel said he and his colleagues have recommended a reprimand. that's basically when the house votes to express displeasure with the lawmaker's actions. it's the mildest form of official punishment and it would only come if congressman rangle's fellow lawmakers find him guilty in a trial this fall. you will recall rangle is accused of 13 ethics violations, including failing to report rental income and accepting favors from donors. rangle maintains he hasn't done anything wrong but just hours ago, word that more democrats are now calling on the congressman to resign. molly henneberg with the news live on capitol hill. molly, it seems the congressman's support is eroding a bit. >> jon, five house democrats have now come forward and said they think congressman rangle should resign. the latest is john from kentu
the most controversial provisions in lot. u.s. district judge susan bolton issued a law that stops some of it from going into effect. that police stop or detain or arrest if there's a reasonable suspicion they're in the country illegally, a provision requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times. and another that would make it a crime for undocumented workers to seek work in public places. in a statement, the justice department had said the court ruled correctly that a patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt immigration enforcement and would ultimately be counterproductive. but arizona's governor jan brewer had a different perspective. >> i think it's important to remind everybody that today, absolutely, the federal government got relief from the courts to do their job. and that means now they've got this temporary injunction, they need step up, the feds do, and do the job that they have the responsibility to do for the people of america. and for the people of arizona. >> the specifics of the state's appeal of the ruling have not been announced but legal
into a history of discrimination by the u.s. agriculture department. and money owed to black farmers. >>> and a former republican senator may be out to get michael steele. i'll ask norm coleman if he is serious about a possible challenge for his party's top job. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> up first, a failed flaw aboard the deepwater horizon rig when it exploded and unleashed the worst oil disaster in u.s. history. we're just now learning that an alarm system, get this, had intentionally been disabled for about a year before the april 20th blast that killed 11 workers. the platform's chief electronics technician testified today before a federal panel. he explained that the rig's fire and gas sensors were active but its computer system was inhibited in his word so it wouldn't trigger any kind of general alarm or an automatic engine shutdown. listen to this. >> when i discovered it was inhibited about a year ago i inquired as to why it was inhibited. and the explanation i got was that from the oim down they did not want people woke up at 3:00 in the morning du
with the blood of americans. let me explain. july is officially the deadliest month for u.s. forces in nine long years of the war with 66 americans killed. the danger and the volatility aren't limited to the battle field. there are scores of people who riot in the afghan capital today after a vehicle carrying four u.s. contractors was involved in an accident with a car carrying four afghans. our cnn reporter ness kabul. >> reporter: around 3:00 p.m. friday afternoon and here in the capital of kabul, on airport road, this road is called airport road, two american vehicles were driving when one hit a civilian vehicle in the end killing two adults, one man, one woman, and injuring four others. this is the remains of the first car. this is apparently the car that actually hit the civilian vehicle. if you notice they were trying to leave after being attacked by other civilians in the area. while they tried to leave their car got stuck here on this side of the curb. and if we walk here we can show you the rocks thrown by the afghans in the area who saw everything happen. it was an angry mob. over a th
through the u.s. congress. what kind of a political football is that now? >> well this is a bi product of judicial activism when the clean air act was written john dingle was there and he said no one caulked about carbon dioxide. in massachusetts versus the epa the supreme court said the epa can go ahead and effectively make law by including it in their regulatory apparatus. again this is not going to go over well. it will deaf state the economy and if the administration tries this i think they do so at their own peril. megyn: we'll see. that seems to be the direction they are moving toward and we'll see what they aspire to do as this bill is doa in the senate. always a pressure. he is a powerful member of the house of representatives. now congressman charlie rangel is facing ethics charges of his own. the last time an investigation like this happened a member of congress ended up in prison. what do these charges mean for the democrats in their race to retain the house? control of it in november. we'll have a fair & balanced debate coming up. and how does a game of ding dong ditch end
rangel was a prosecutor for one year, give him credit for that, an assistant u.s. attorney himself, but let's not get started thoon point. it's possible but i don't think you're going to see criminal charges. i think what you're going to see is either a, he resolves this and survives or b, he doesn't resolve it and it goes badly. i don't see him, if everybody follows me, not resolving it and having it go well, because over your point that it's serious. bill: thank you doug for coming in today. former prosecutor from new york. also, e-mail me, follow me on twitter, you got a question, one line, that's all we need. keep it simple. arthel: you better watch out bill, there's something bad lurking in the waters off the coast of massachusetts. sharks, sighted off the coast of cape cod, a very popular spot for tourists and beach bums. >> i wouldn't go any deeper than like 10 feet personally, but with all the seals along there, you know they're going to eat them so why would you want to be near them. >> we want to know what's luring the sharks there. we're going to ask the experts in three
by using fraudulent material to obtain u.s. passports. the second time they have done so in two years. the government accountability office says that during the investigation the agents applied for seven passports and received three. more potential fallout from the wikileak data dump and gingrich has a warning of threats posed @ @ could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> in international news, both of the u.s. navy sailors who disappeared last week in afghanistan have been confirmed dead. american and afghanistan officials say the two sailors' body have been recovered and nato has not said why he and the other sailor were on their own in such a dangerous area. the obama admin
in the courts and on the streets? also more than 100 days of disaster. the worst spill in u.s. history marks a milestone. and we're asking the tough questions about how and why so much oil seems to have vanished. >>> and art in the white house from every angle. join me on a fascinating tour of historic paintings, antiques and did he cure that presidents get to see and enjoy every day. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> arizona's controversial immigration law went into effect as scheduled this week. minus key provisions blocked by federal judge. now no one in the state seems satisfied. governor jan brewer quickly launched an appeal of the ruling. and opponents of the crackdown launched a series of street protests leading to a number of arrests. both sides are preparing for the next round of the legal fight. i spoke with cnn's senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin about the ruling by u.s. district judge susan bolton which focused on the most controversial elements of the law. jeff, we
u.s. automakers are operating at a profit. >> michael smerconish is a radio talk show host and an msnbc contributor. i want to get straight to what the columnist in the "detroit free press" said about the fact that chrysler is not only alive but profitable in a weak market after years of losing billions of dollars when car and truck sales were 50% higher, it looks like more than just a successful government intervention, it looks like a flat out miracle. what's your take? >> i have a lot of radio listeners that i would like to introduce that columnist to. i just concluded two programs where i heard from all sorts of folks when i framed the issue, did the ends justify the means? if the industry is getting paid back through the t.a.r.p. program, doesn't that mean that the programs were successful? and thomas you would be surprised perhaps to hear from so many people who say no, still we think it was a mistake on ideological grounds to which i responded and said behind closed doors, congress wasn't pursuing ideology and nor was the administration. it was all about putting out
. >> sreenivasan: afghan president hamid karzai complained today that u.s. and nato forces are not attacking taliban sanctuaries. he said, the "sources of funding and training of terrorism lie outside afghanistan"-- an apparent reference to pakistan. this week's huge leak of u.s. military documents depicted pakistan's spy agency collaborating with the taliban. karzai said the leaks have also jeopardized afghan informants. >> whether those individuals acted legitimately or illegitimately in providing information to the nato forces-- they are lives. and those lives will be in danger now. therefore, we consider that extremely irresponsible and an act that one cannot overlook. >> sreenivasan: in washington, defense secretary robert gates also criticized wikileaks for releasing 91,000 classified documents. he warned of severe consequences for u.s. troops and u.s. allies. >> it's amazing how much trust matters in relationships whether with governments or individuals around the world. it seems to me as a result of this massive breach of security we have considerable repair work to do in terms of re
in kenya or indonesia and didn't have a legitimate u.s. birth certificate, the birther conspiracy, of course. in order to debunk that one, the obama campaign went on the offense in a big way and launched a website called it had a whole page dedicated to debunking the birther conspiracy and detailed the actual facts about mr. obama's citizenship complete with his certification of live birth. but the obama campaign wasn't satisfied with just debunking, with just answering the birther smear or the whitey smear. their strategy was about more than that. it was about naming and shaming the people behind those smears. had a whole page dedicated to exposing the perpetrators of these smears, basically an interactive map listing various right wing groups, republican political operatives, even previous smears these individuals had been involved in. the strategy was not only to discredit the smear but also the smearer. here's how a campaign spokesman summed it up at the time. he said, quote, the obama campaign isn't going to let dishonest smears spread a
's appeal. lawyers for the state's governor jan brewer have officially filed with the ninth u.s. circuit of appeals in san francisco as part of the fight for a tough new immigration law. that law that governor brewer officially says officially went into law after midnight but only after a federal judge blocked the vast majority of the most controversial elements like requiring police officers who were enforcing other laws to check the status of any suspected illegals. demonstrators gathered in the streets of phoenix today to show their opposition to the new immigration law. ♪ power to the people ♪ no one is illegal. >> shepard: place say officers in riot gear arrested dozens of people. as far as we could tell, things were relatively peaceful with no violence reported. >> another indication of how emotionally and politically charged this issue is as we await word on the appeal. casey stegall on fox top story live tonight in the valley of the sun. when do we expect some action on the state's new file, casey? >> shep it, may be an expedited appeal. it is still very long and the process
and destroy the mood for nuclear talks. the warning comes just hours before u.n. and u.s. officials meet with both north korea and south korea over the sinking of a warship back in march. international investigators now say the north was behind those attacks that killed 46 sailors, pyongyang denies it. just about any criminal can steal a car but a former g.m. employee is accused of stealing something much more valuable. car secrets. the engineer and her husband pleading not guilty today to accusations they tried to steal information about the company's hybrid cars. prosecutors say the couple copied thousands of documents on hybrids so that they could sell the information to g.m.'s competitors in china. that's where the real trouble comes in because in the words of the fbi's boss in detroit. theft of trade secrets is a threat to national security. g.m. reportedly stems the value of the stolen documents at 40 million bucks. the suspect is free on bond, at least for now. well, there are new details tonight about alvin greene. he is the once surprised democratic candidate for south carolina'
shows us what it is like to be an immigrant working in the u.s. picking grapes in a hot desert field. that job no americans are doing. >>> old court battle gets new life in spain. arrest warrants issued for three u.s. soldiers. they are wanted in the death of a spanish cameraman killed in iraq by u.s. tank fire in 2003. al goodman is in madrid to give tuesday latest. tell, al, walk us through the story. >> reporter: this goes back to 2003. the iraq war, american troops are taking baghdad and a sum tank opens fire on the palestine hotel, very large structure, a lot of international journalists including a spanish tv cameraman who was mortally wounded by the tank round from the u.s. tank and reuters tv camera man. since then, his family, cameraman's family, having trying to bring who they say the perpetrators to justice. they named three u.s. soldiers. this has been a long running court battle. it has been open and closed and opened and now closed and now open again with these arrest warrants by the same judge who indicted these three soldiers a few years you a go and then a lot of leg
will be with us here in the studio. breaking news overnight. it's grim. >> very grim. breaking news. three u.s. troops killed in afghanistan yesterday making july the deadliest month for american forces in the nearly nine-year war. nato officials say the troops died in two separate blasts in the southern part of the country. according to an associated press count that brings the u.s. death toll for the month to at least 63. june had been the deadliest month for the u.s. with 60 deaths and for the overall nato led force with 104 fatalities. meanwhile a new report on the increase in army suicides finds the military is failing its soldiers as they deal with repeated deployments to afghanistan and iraq. according to the army study, military commanders are so focused on preparing their troops for war, they are allowing them to engage in risky behavior back here at home like drug and alcohol abuse that may lead to suicide. the army counted 160 suicides last year, the highest total ever. a senate report reveals as many as 6,600 graves may be unmarked or mislabeled at arlington national cemetery. a pr
guard troops are supposed to arrive at the u.s.-mexico border tomorrow. but now there is word they may not get there until october. this as arizona's governor learns her appeal has been delayed and has been delayed for months. our own version of a royal wedding but this one is really top secret. today is chelsea clint's big day we are in rinehart new york ahead of the ceremony. >> shannon: scary numbers for congressional democrats ahead the november mid terms. 13. that's how many charges congressman charlie rangel is facing. 8 is how many is asking congressman to resign. now that congressman woman maxine waters has chosen to go through with a trial of her own. malini wilkes is here to break it down for us. >> a second ethics trial is possible this fall for california representative maxine waters. for the first time president obama is commenting about the ethics charges against new york congressman charlie rangel. now, rangle himself is refusing to talk about the 13 charges against him. including allegations of misusing his office. failure to disclose assets and nonpayment of taxes. so
by the auto company bailouts. >> today for the first time since 2004 all three u.s. automakers are operating at a profit. the the president toured a chrysler plant that added 1,000 jobs and a second shift and a plant where g.m. makes the electric volt kept open during the usual summer shut down. republics who supported the bail intermediate did not like him patting hill self on the bat. >> my concern is now is not the time to declare victory. >> alabama senator said this benefits the unions but certainly not american taxpayers who will infer get all of their money back. but industry experts say the auto bailouts could be the best spent bailout money of all. >> we are poised to see a dynamic industry one of the few things in the tarp bailout process that worked. >> that makes the president welcome in a state with 13 percent unemployment rate and with elections three months away he reminded the workers republicans were mostly opposed 7. >> just want to point that out. right? your jobs might not exist. >> but the wailouts did not produce enough jobs and the american people own two thirds of the
to the ground. three u.s. soldiers have died in explosions in afghanistan according to nato, the troops were killed in separate bombings in the south where u.s. pressure on the taliban continues to grow. the fatalities bring july's death toll so 63 making it the deadliest month for american troops in the nine-year war. the deaths this month include navy petty officers jared newlove and justin mcnealy. they went missing and it's believed they were ambushed by the taliban. a devastating blow to the first responders of the 9/11 attacks. a bill to provide them with health care just failed in the house. it would have paid up to $7.4 billion in medical aid for people who got sick after working at ground zero. lawmakers defended their votes on the floor. >> the legislation has been paired with a fundamentally flawed and job destroying tax increase and therefore, i will vote against it. >> it's republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes. it is a shame, a shame. if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care, then vote no.
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